Daniel Starkey

Daniel Starkey

I'm an American Indian game critic.

Freelance Writer and Editor

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Piracy gave me a future

Poverty traps its victims in intellectual dead zones. I don't pirate games anymore, but when I needed it, it gave me access to the literature and artistic inspiration of my generation....

Turtle article

This American Indian Dungeons and Dragons lets you weave powerful stories

Ehdrigor, a game created by a black, American Indian game designer, gently reflects the Native experience, and how that approach to storytelling differs from Western narratives....

Anatomic11 article

Weird dinosaurs, haberdashery and second-kills

Last week we pastiched some nightmare dinosaurs, learned some Chinese vocabulary, and had a serious chat about piracy and poverty. Make Monday less dreary with wonderful memories of last week....

Whataretheodds article

Great Moments in Pedantry: The odds of your existence

What are the odds that you, as an individual, exist? Pretty good, you'd guess, since you're sitting right here reading this. But, in an abstract sense, the chances that you exist are really rather ......

686belt2 article

Gatwick airport took away my belt buckle: "I stick to what they've told me. I'm not going to speak to you anymore. Not if you're going to publish it. I'm not speaking to you."

Back in 2008, I bought one of 686's belt buckles, which has a clever set of snowboard-binding-adjusting tools built into it, including a small flathead and Philips head screwdriver tips on the buck......