Daniel Starkey

Daniel Starkey

I'm an American Indian game critic.

Freelance Writer and Editor

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Never Alone review

I approach life from a different perspective than most. I'm American Indian, and the fact that my culture and my people are moving closer to extinction all…...

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If Sex Videogames Make You Feel Weird, That's the Point | WIRED

If these indie games about sex make you feel confused, awkward, and vulnerable, that's entirely the point....


The Harsh Reality of Indie Game Success - IGN

What happens after a small team produces a big hit? We examine the fallout from Bastion, Journey, and Braid....

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Stranded review

This slim indie exploration game is a powerful but distant evocation of exploring a strange planet while your oxygen supply gradually runs out....

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Review

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is among the best fighting games ever made....

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Slender: The Arrival Review

The survival horror genre gets another gem in the form of Slender: The Arrival, one of the most terrifying games in recent memory....

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Civilization V: Brave New World Review

Brave New World fulfills Civilization V's full potential, and stands as one of the most expertly crafted strategy games in years....

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Starseed Pilgrim Review

Starseed Pilgrim makes saving the sky from a virulent blackness an especially rewarding challenge....

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Halfway Review

Halfway is an emotional tale of mystery and survival that occasionally lacks the courage of its own convictions....

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Horizon Review

Horizon is a strange, clumsy, and compelling composite of ideas and mechanics from many different games....

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Banished Review

Banished is a clever network of interlocking systems and mechanics that accomplish a lot with very little....

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Wasteland 2 Early Access Review

Wasteland 2 is poised to be an excellent follow-up to a classic game....

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Plague Inc: Evolved Early Access Review

Spreading disease in Plague Inc: Evolved is all too easy but still gleefully evil....


Super Comboman Reviews - GameSpot

Jul 22, 2014 ... Super Comboman fuses platforming, action, and fighting into a single failure. Featured Review by Daniel Starkey on Jul 22, 4:24pm ......

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Light review

Attractive but empty, this pared-back indie stealth game is too minimal for its own good....