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I'm an American Indian game critic.

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Open uri20140811 17201 1akdgh article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Microsoft Flashes Next Wave of Windows Devices

Asia’s largest consumer electronics trade show, Computex, has already seen plenty of new devices and exciting announcements, but during Microsoft’s keynote, the software giant showed a few never-before-seen tablets....

Open uri20140811 17201 7ori25 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Equipment Makers Want Telecoms to Upgrade Networks

Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent, two companies that help build the physical backbones of the Internet, each think they have just the idea to pitch big ISPs....

Open uri20140811 17201 701jvk article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Logitech G500 And G9x - Four Keyboards And Four Mice For LAN Party Gamers, Rounded-Up

Logitech G500 Sporting a braided cable, adjustable DPI, and interchangeable weights, the Logitech G500 is quite clearly marketed towards gamers. With that said, there’s also nothing terribly unique about this mouse. The G500 is basically the latest re......

Open uri20140811 17201 1f614nw article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Miscellaneous: Keyboard, Mouse, Cases - Tom's Hardware's Reader's Choice Awards 2013

Cooler Master's HAF XB (Smart Buy)From the article: Cooler Master's HAF XB: Give Your LAN Party Box Breathing Room, Written by Kai Tubbesing, August 20, 2013 Here's what we said: Cooler Master's HAF XB is a unique, flexible, and durable chassis able t......

Open uri20140811 17201 zcjavd article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

HTC Entering the Smartwatch Arena With One Wear

HTC looks like it'll be releasing a smartwatch soon. The phone manufacturer has announced that it's working on its own wearable computing solution called the One Wear. The target launch date is late this summer or early fall....

Open uri20140811 17201 4sy5xw article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Google shows off Project Tango for Developers

Since its announcement a few months back, Google's Project Tango has been a really fascinating curiosity but not much else. On Thursday, the tech giant unveiled a new tablet that has the same 3D mapping capabilities we all saw in their promotional video....

Open uri20140811 17201 1tuov80 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Bravo is Affordable, Powerful Headphone Amp

The Bravo Audio V2 Tube Amplifier defies a lot of the traditional thinking though. It’s remarkably small, looks bit rough but delivers on high-quality sound at an excellent price....

Open uri20140811 17201 10b9u3d article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Apple Files 'Ear Presence' Sensor Patent

Fresh off of Apple's purchase of Beats, the tech giant has filed a patent for sensors that can detect whether the headphones are actually being worn and respond accordingly....

Open uri20140811 17201 awcjqg article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Samsung Simband Looks to Shake-up Wearable Health Tech

One of the biggest potential applications of the "wearable tech" movement is the incorporation of health data tracking. At least that's what Samsung president Young Sohn believes....

Open uri20140811 17201 3mphvt article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Mobile Security Firm Lookout Introduces Theftie

Smartphone theft is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent types of property crime, and the mobile security firm Lookout thinks they can help stop it. On Wednesday, the company launched a new feature for their popular anti-theft software....

Teaser w 500 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Comfort Rankings From Regular Folks - Four Keyboards And Four Mice For LAN Party Gamers, Rounded-Up

Keyboards At the end of the day, the popularity of a peripheral at least partially comes down to the subjective preferences of individual users. With that in mind, we isolated three different hand sizes, and chose three different LAN party gamers in e......

Fractal w 500 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Fractal Design Launches New Core Cases

Enthusiast PC gaming component manufacturer Fractal Design has announced the launch of their latest line of "Core" cases. The line, dubbed X3, is built for increased cooling with enhanced airflow and the promise that it is liquid cooling ready....

Microsoft w 500 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Microsoft Rumored to Have Smartwatch in Development

Microsoft may be looking to enter the wearable tech sector with their own spin on the smartwatch....

S 0ed34417a52342db85dbf6df53f572d7 w 500 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Leaked Photos of Rumored Nexus 8 Tablet Surface Online

We've been hearing rumors about the Nexus 8 for quite some time, but now we might have a glimpse of the real deal....

Darfon maglev keyboard 1 w 500 article
Tom's Hardware U.S.

Laptops May Get MagLev Keys

This year at Computex we saw one of the first big steps to moving maglev into the mainstream – putting them in laptop keyboards....