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Daniel Starkey

I'm an American Indian game critic.

Freelance Writer and Editor

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Never Alone review

I approach life from a different perspective than most. I'm American Indian, and the fact that my culture and my people are moving closer to extinction all…...

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Stranded review

This slim indie exploration game is a powerful but distant evocation of exploring a strange planet while your oxygen supply gradually runs out....

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Light review

Attractive but empty, this pared-back indie stealth game is too minimal for its own good....

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Metrico review

I often find myself disappointed by the relative lack of creativity in games. More often than not, I've noticed that my all-time favourites are those that f…...

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Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies review

Relic's fine strategy game is bolstered by a multiplayer expansion that's both historically and mechanically sophisticated....

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Cloudbuilt review

This surreal free-running Steam game finds a touching metaphor in its madness....

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Always Sometimes Monsters review

Always Sometimes Monsters is about the things people can or will do when backed into a corner and left to wallow in their desperation....

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Age of Mythology: Extended Edition review

Another of Ensemble's classic strategy games gets a Steam reissue, but can it make a case for itself in 2014?...

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Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles review

A fine HD reissue of the classic early 2000s RPG - and its deeply disappointing sequel....

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Distant Worlds: Universe review

This old-school 4X strategy game of intergalactic expansion is both made and almost defeated by its incomprehensible scale....

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Taking games seriously

For decades, video games have strived for cultural relevance. Cultural identity struggles instigated by spats with politicians or critics from other media h…...


Qvadriga review

Qvadriga is a tactical turn-based game about chariot racing, but as weird as that premise sounds, beneath the funky concept lies a functional and occasionally compelling game that only lacks depth and variety....


Freedom Wars review

Some time ago in a college psychology course, I recall hearing a professor describe, at length, how important agency is to mental health. We need to know th…...


Defense Grid 2 review

The basis of any given tower defence game is the narrow premise of placing towers to defend against some encroaching... thing. Honestly, the rest is quite v…...


Majora's Mask is getting remade on 3DS... finally

UPDATE 06/11/2014 6pm: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D's Special Edition now has pics and a trailer so you can check out all its bonus material.The Ma…...